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Relisting and delisting

With Crosslist, you can relist or delist your listings from our dashboard. Delisting refers to withdrawing your listing from a specific marketplace, while relisting entails temporarily removing it and then reposting the same product.

Delisting is typically done if you no longer want to sell the product, or you sold it on another marketplace.

Relisting is useful because certain marketplaces prioritize fresher listings, potentially boosting visibility in buyers' searches.


Currently, only listings that were originally posted through Crosslist (using autoposting) can be delisted or relisted. Imported listings cannot be relisted or delisted through the Crosslist dashboard. We hope to add this functionality in the near future.

Delisting a product

If you want to delist your listing from all marketplaces, then you can use the Delist all button available in the listing overview.

For example, in the screenshot below, clicking the Delist all button will delist the listing from Grailed and Facebook:

Listing Overview - Delist All

Alternatively, you can also delist from all marketplaces from the listing detail page, using the Delist all button at the bottom of your screen:

Listing Detail - Delist All


Currently, you cannot delist multiple listings in bulk.

Relisting a product

You can easily relist products by utilizing the dedicated Relist buttons available on the listing detail page. Each product posted through Crosslist will have its own relist button per marketplace.

Relist Buttons

Once you click the Relist button, Crosslist will first remove your listing from that marketplace, and then post a fresh listing.


On marketplaces where buyers can place offers, relisting may not be permitted until the offer window has closed.